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About Us

John J. Ricci


My name is John J. Ricci. I am a father, husband, son, attorney, writer, and executive. Like most of us, I worked too much and rarely took care of my health. I made every excuse: “Going to the doctor would take me away from my work,” “I don’t have time,” etc. Then, I had children. Then my mother fell in her kitchen thousands of miles away and I was helpless. Then I got head & neck cancer and saw the medical world from a very different and critical perspective. And then Covid-19 hit and I went from one quarantine to another … and was suddenly defined as a person with “severe underlying medical conditions” putting me (and everyone else like me) at “high risk” to be infected. NYC was literally crumbling around me and my family. Fear filled every gap in the sidewalks from treatment to survival.

The Uplin Experience was crystal clear in my mind: I wanted to build a platform where a Doctor would come to the Patient 24/7/365 … right now! I wanted a Doctor to come, on-demand, to my office before or after work hours; to my home late nights or on weekends to care for me and my family; and to my mom’s house (when I just wanted someone to check in on her and give me some peace of mind).

Alexander Krishtul, M.D.


To make the Uplin concept work, I called the top urgent care Concierge Physician in my rolodex from Manhattan, Alexander Krishtul, M.D., to discuss my health care experiences and the significant gap in home/office/hotel/other-based healthcare worldwide. Our discussions became highly substantive and comprehensive. Suddenly, we were filling virtual notebooks on how healthcare could be delivered by experienced Doctors to Patients like me (and You) upon request, within an hour or so, 24/7/365/NOW.

Really, we began with the simple question: What is in the Patient’s best interest? The short answer: An experienced Doctor goes to the Patient, as soon as possible, no matter the hour. Full stop. It makes no sense for a sick person to have to get dressed; packed into a car; and driven to the Doctor’s office. It makes no sense to sit there waiting in a waiting room filled with sick people.

Once upon a time, Doctors went to the Patients. House Calls were as common as the common cold. Then, the medical industry shifted the burden to the Patient to go to the Doctors’ office. Make no mistake, the unspoken toll of that shift is on the Patient and his/her family members – a day off of work; pain getting in and out of the car (family, Lyft, whatever); stress; parking; and on and on. The pendulum had to swing back to the better interests of the Patients.

Together, Dr. Krishtul and I designed an extraordinary, high-level standard of care platform from the perspectives of both Patient and Medical Doctor. A platform that operates with the understanding that caring for the Patient is caring for the Patient’s family. Dr. Krishtul, after all, has extensive clinical and administrative experience as a Concierge and House Call Doctor.

Uplin is meant to be different with the best Doctors available to come to you when you need them … with the best bed-side manners and the best follow-through and follow-up communication that you deserve. By providing the Uplin platform, we intend to bridge Patients to great Doctors that have the mindset to care for you with unparalleled skill and convenience. At the same time, we will help our cities heal from the devastating pain caused by the Covid-19 outbreak by working together and caring for each other. We are very excited to bring the Uplin Experience to you!